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An analysis of Tillie Olsen’s short story, “I Stand Here Ironing” and Susan Musgrave’s poem, “You Didn’t Fit”. If you are reading a print version, please note that it is a. Both were originally published in Cocktails at the Mausoleum, I believe. Paper Dragons Susan Alton Schmeltz In March, kites bite the wind and shake their paper scales. The paper examines Tillie Olsen’s short story, “I Stand Here Ironing,” and Susan Musgrave’s free form poem, “You Didn’t Fit,” and the differences between these two works. We open to a man wearing black socks ? you can’t see his face because his head is in a. Susan Musgrave: I have two. “You Didn?t Fit” and “Conversation During the Omelette Aux Fines Herbes”.
By Susan Musgrave

Susan Musgrave and Student Respo nd:

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